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Nduwayezu Samuel 

Former Student Board Member promoted to Board Member on March 3rd 2023. His current position is that of Director of Secondary Education and Health in Rwanda, Africa


Position and Role in LSINJ: Board Member and Director of Nursing and nonprofit Triple-F secondary educational foundation in Rwanda, Africa


Interests: Contributing knowledge and skills as a student to add to those already represented by the Board Members of the LSINJ to extend various missions in Africa. Nursing, Data Collection, Health and Wellness Consultant, Child Advocate, Environmental Health Safety and Small Business Consultant


Member of Working Group in LSINJ and Group Leader: 

Group Leader: Nonprofit, Secondary Educational and Public Health Enterprises in Rwanda, Africa; Member of Groups promoting Ancillary LSINJ goals in Public Civic and Charitable Enterprises in African Nations; Member of Group for the Coordination of Ancillary LSINJ goals in Public Science Education in Developing Societies of Africa including in Nigeria, Morocco and Rwanda; Member of Group for Public Elementary Science Education in Developing Societies of Africa with (Group Leader): VP/Prof. Dickson A. Musa, and Group Members: VP Egbenoma A. Aighboeghian, VP/Dr. Asmaa Rabit, M.D. and VP David Adebayo.


External Affiliation(s):  University of Rwanda in Kigali City, Rwanda, Africa, and co-Founder of the nonprofit Triple~F Foundation for promoting rural secondary school education and Health Benefits.

Contact Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses:

·   Whatsap, SMS, call: +250781627648

·       Email: ;

·   Skye:


Educational Institutions: University of Rwanda, undergraduate student nurse, year 3



Mr. Nduwayezu (Sam) Samuel is a student at the University of Rwanda pursuing a Bachelor of Science in nursing, class of 2024. Sam is passionate about health research. He plans on applying his skills gained from college education to make a difference in health as well as in education.

Mr. Samuel is also a self-motivated individual with a passion for caring and helping people. He is result-driven and comfortable working individually or as part of a team. He has experience in a variety of roles including in data collection and entry. Mr. Nduwayezu Samuel has demonstrated administrative organization, communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to perform and lead a team in high-pressure environments.

Mr. Samuel is acquiring the necessary experience as a Nursing student at the University of Rwanda in Kigali City, Rwanda, Africa and expects to graduate in 2023. On his profile on LinkedIn Mr. Nduwayezu Samuel is listed as a Data Collector, Health and Wellness Consultant, Child Advocate, Environmental Health Safety Officer and Small Business Consultant. As a co-Founder of the nonprofit Triple~F nonprofit Foundation, he is active in supporting secondary school education and applies all his experience in these areas.

The website of the Institute of the TRIPLE ~ F foundation is accessible through its linked on LinkedIn and a description follows and excerpted below: 


The TRIPLE~F Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Rwanda providing financial, motivational and career guidance need. TRIPLE~F is committed to promoting the interests of rural Rwandan Secondary school students maximize their full potential through education, Healthcare, and career guidance. In education, many secondary school students in rural areas and those from economically disadvantaged families in Rwanda receive financial, career guidance and motivational assistance from the TRIPLE~F foundation,


The TRIPLE~F foundation also assists with managing various Health issues such as oral health, adolescent reproductive health education, and prevention of communicable and non communicable diseases in rural communities in Rwanda.'

The areas of educational and social expertise that Mr. Samuel brings, will complement those of some of our Board Members. Mr. Samuel is committed to diversity and collaborative approaches in the LSINJ that retain educational, scientific and societal dimensions to them.

Details of some of the contributions of Mr. Nduwayezu Samuel are available on his profile on social media:

Detailed Information Link:





Sam is experienced in promoting the Public Interest in Education, Environment and Health care in university and NGO contexts.  At least some of these interests will echo with those of some Board Members of the LSINJ. His experience as a Educator is valuable for an institution such as the LSINJ. Particularly since its BMs hope promote ancillary programs in educational, environmental and research facilities.

Sam has much to contribute to the Life Sciences Institute of New Jersey. These contributions are likely to be made in both tangible as well as intangible ways. These include cross-cultural leadership in an institute such as the LSINJ which by definition not only has an international membership, but one that is globally located. We look forward to a productive collaboration with Sam and an expansion of the civic and ancillary goals of the LSINJ.